About Us

About Us

We’re the hottest new Internet Service Provider in Boston offering your business fiber-based Internet.

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What Do We Do

What Do We Do

You need bandwidth you can count on from a provider who gives a @#!%^$@ about you.

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How We Do It

How We Do It

You won’t find us everywhere, and that’s by design. Our building-centric approach enables us to bring you the fastest service and the most competitive pricing.

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Without a major improvement in affordable, accessible upstream bandwidth, cloud services could be out of reach to those who would most benefit from them.

Peter Bright, Ars Technica

News & Updates

The Latest Wicked News

Wicked Bandwidth is in 321 Summer St!

Posted by Lydia Whiteford on Jan 17, 2017

One of our original Wicked customers, BevSpot, was facing a pickle as they planned the move to their new location at 321 Summer St. They had been so thrilled with the bandwidth service they were receiving from Wicked, but we weren’t yet servicing their new office location at 321 Summer St. So, they called us up and asked if we would be able to build service into 321 Summer, and we couldn’t help but oblige! So, we sent our engineering and construction team over to the site to start digging, wanting to make sure there wasn’t too much of a gap between when BevSpot moved and when they were able to get online. Even though the timeline was going to be tight, we managed to turn them up in the building within 30 days from start to finish. We were able to extend our fiber-based services into the building so that BevSpot could retain the fast, reliable service they were used to at their original location. Getting ready to pull Fiber to 321 Summer Fiber being pulled through the street to bring service to 321 Summer St If you are a company with an office in 321 Summer St, make sure to ask the guys at BevSpot how they like their Wicked service! Now that we are lit in the building, we can bring Wicked Bandwidth’s fiber-based service to tenants within a week of the request, and we would love to have more customers in the building. If you are interested in becoming a Wicked customer or learning if your building is in a Wicked coverage zone, you can click...

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01/10/2017 – Presenting at Boston New Technology Meet-up

Posted by Lydia Whiteford on Jan 11, 2017

Last night after work, the Wicked Bandwidth team packed up and headed to Cambridge, where Akamai Technologies was hosting this month’s Boston New Technology meet-up. While we love these events every month, this meet-up was extra exciting because we got the chance to present Wicked Bandwidth during the product demonstration portion of the night. Our fearless Co-Founder, Mike Murphy, got up in front of a crowd of nearly 300 tech enthusiasts to explain what makes Wicked Boston’s most promising new ISP, in 5 minutes or less. We were so excited to be able to get this opportunity and address questions that people might have about Wicked, and even more excited to see what great things the attendees had to say about us and the event on Twitter! (@BostonNewTech #bnt73) We want to thank Boston New Technology for the opportunity to present last night, and also extend a thank you to the other presenting start-ups! Peddlir, Skelmet, Mate3D, JoMI, and Brilliant NPS were all great examples of the innovative Boston companies that this event works so hard to promote. You can find more information about Boston New Tech here, or find them on meet-up to see a schedule of the following months. Registration is totally free, and every event comes with free dinner and networking in addition to presentations from Boston start-ups. 3D image scan from Skelmet Mike Murphy (co-founder, Wicked Bandwidth) answers questions from the audience Nikita Bernstein (JoMI Medical Journal) presents JoMI Ronnie Deaver (CEO, Peddlir) demos Peddlir’s online marketplace Tom Boates (Brilliant NPS) explains his app to the crowd Ignacio Lopez (Mate3D) discusses how his product will simplify...

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12/13/2016 – Boston New Technology Meetup

Posted by Lydia Whiteford on Dec 14, 2016

Last night, a few Wicked team members braved the cold (and Seaport Blvd parking) to attend this month’s Boston New Technology meet-up at Foley Hoag’s office. The event consisted of an impressive dinner spread, a networking hour, and then a presentation from some Boston-based start-ups. What we discovered by going was that it is an awesome place for Boston tech enthusiasts, new start-ups, or even well-established Boston companies to come and meet interesting people to collaborate with. We were very impressed by the openness of the crowd of people that came, as everyone we talked to seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say. We met some great people, had some delicious sandwiches, and saw some presentations from truly innovative companies! Thanks to Boston New Technology for hosting, and thanks to the partners who helped make the event possible like Foley Hoag and Coalition! We are really looking forward to next month’s meet-up, and hope it is as packed as this one was. To learn more about Boston New Technology and to get alerts for their meet-ups, you can click here, follow them on twitter (@BostonNewTech) or look up their name in Meet-Up! Steve Hayes (Sales) spins the Coalition raffle wheel! Lots of people busy networking during the dinner hour from Foley Hoag Boston New Technology kicking off the night’s presentations Coalition’s raffle table to win free days in their co-working...

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Available Wicked Bandwidth Plans

All bandwidth packages come with 24/7 network support and are available for 24 or 36 month terms.


Growing Business
50 Mb - 100 Mb
Web browsing / file sharing
Email with attachments
Volume transaction processing
Some video and streaming
Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth
Business Select
100 Mb - 500 Mb
E-commerce / hosted services
Frequent online backup / file sharing
Video / web conferencing
Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth
Enterprise Level
500 Mb - 1000 Mb
Multiple cloud solutions
Heavy burst activity (email, video streaming, etc.)
Heavy usage
Offsite data center connection
Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth
Secondary Provider
10 Mb - 50 Mb
Back-up IP
Burstable fail-over
Diverse path / routing (where available)


* Number of users/devices shown is for typical per-user bandwidth.

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