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About Us

We’re the hottest new Internet Service Provider in Boston offering your business fiber-based Internet.

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What is Wicked Bandwidth?

What is Wicked Bandwidth?

You won’t find us everywhere, and that’s by design. Our building-centric approach enables us to bring you the fastest service and the most competitive pricing.

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Without a major improvement in affordable, accessible upstream bandwidth, cloud services could be out of reach to those who would most benefit from them.

Peter Bright, Ars Technica

News & Updates

The Latest Wicked News

Wicked Bandwidth at MassInno

Posted by Lydia Whiteford on Aug 11, 2017

On Wednesday night, the Wicked team got the chance to be involved in the Mass Innovation Nights meet-up at MIT’s Samberg Center. We were one of nine companies that got the chance to set up a table and talk with attendees about the ways our mission could help improve Boston businesses. MassInno has a really cool way of publicizing their events, and promoting the businesses they bring in to be featured. First, any interested companies have to fill out an application to be entered into their lottery. If your company gets chosen for an event, you are encouraged to send MassInno any information about your company, so they can spread the word on their social channels. In the weeks leading up to the event, we were featured (along with the other 8 chosen companies) on twitter and on the website for MIN#101. After MassInno selected us for the event, we were encouraged to have our followers and supporters vote for us through their website. The 4 companies with the highest vote count would get the chance to do a 5-minute presentation in front of the whole crowd. Our team was thrilled to be featured, and also very impressed with the caliber of the event. It was full of hungry young innovators, as well as those looking to celebrate and take pride in Boston businesses. Our Principal and VP of Operations, Mike Spieldenner, said that it was a “great venue with a lot of potential start-ups. A few good leads and awesome exposure were the result!” As a Boston start-up, we love events like this that give us and our fellow...

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Wicked’s New Podcast Channel

Posted by Lydia Whiteford on May 16, 2017

Wicked Bandwidth has a new podcast channel! Follow us on Hipcast to get updates on what Wicked is up to, and also content from our team of internet experts. Here’s a sneak peak of the podcasts you’ll be able to find on our channel. This one is called “Talking Cloud,” in which we got our co-founder Mike Murphy to discuss the importance of the cloud (and the bandwidth it requires) to small and medium sized businesses in Boston. To learn more about Wicked, you can contact us or explore our website. We are always putting out content so look follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep getting updates!...

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Wicked is Servicing 374 Congress

Posted by Lydia Whiteford on Apr 24, 2017

Did you know that Wicked is lit in 374 Congress? Because our fiber footprint is already in the building, we are able to provide additional tenants in 374 Congress with our lightning fast, fiber-based connection in just five business days! We are proud to be servicing this location in the Seaport, and we’d love to introduce you to some of our very happy customers in the building.     Digital Lumens is a company that provides smart building solutions to commercial and industrial spaces, and strives to bring the benefits of IoT to building design. Their cloud-based platform SiteWorx allows businesses to take advantage of “smart” lighting and make buildings more efficient, and bring all the control to one easy to access place. Obviously, perfecting these IoT business lighting solutions takes a lot of development power, and we are happy to be the company to provide them with the bandwidth they need to keep innovating the industry! KOR Group is here to build your business brand. With a team that is driven by creativity and commitment to the most important parts of their clients’ businesses, they are on a mission to create individual plans that yield results. Their work right now is mostly geared towards colleges and universities, and they’ve worked with names like Bucknell University to Holy Cross to Merrimack College. The personal, meticulous connections they are trying to make with their clients takes time and research, but everyone has to meet deadlines. We are thrilled to be KOR’s chosen Internet provider to help them balance thorough client research with individualized planning, on a timeline that can make everyone happy....

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Available Wicked Bandwidth Plans

All bandwidth packages come with 24/7 network support and are available for 24 or 36 month terms.


Growing Business
50 Mb - 100 Mb
Web browsing / file sharing
Email with attachments
Volume transaction processing
Some video and streaming
Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth
Business Select
100 Mb - 500 Mb
E-commerce / hosted services
Frequent online backup / file sharing
Video / web conferencing
Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth
Enterprise Level
500 Mb - 1000 Mb
Multiple cloud solutions
Heavy burst activity (email, video streaming, etc.)
Heavy usage
Offsite data center connection
Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth
Secondary Provider
10 Mb - 50 Mb
Back-up IP
Burstable fail-over
Diverse path / routing (where available)


* Number of users/devices shown is for typical per-user bandwidth.

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