Our Mission

We’re on a mission to bring fiber to the fiber-less

For years, big telecom companies have run the same business models to determine which buildings get service.  Typically, the model points to large buildings in the heart of the central business district (typically with the highest rents).  In these select buildings, tenants have the luxury of having a variety of cost effective, reliable providers because the providers all have a similar model.

How about the rest of us?  Not all companies can afford–or need–an office in one of the big shiny glass buildings.  However, all companies need access to high quality, affordable bandwidth.

Rather than guess at the locations that need our new, blazing fast fiber-based Internet service–which can drive up costs to you–we’re simply asking for your help.  Together we can bring a great level of service to a wider variety of locations.  If your building currently lacks fast, reliable, affordable Internet — or if you know of a building in Boston, Worcester, Framingham, Waltham, Burlington or elsewhere that could benefit from Wicked’s lightning fast, dedicated bandwidth — let your voice be heard!

What’s next?!

Once you submit your information, a member of the Wicked team will contact you regarding next steps.  If we get enough interest at your location, we’ll then work to determine if we can connect to your site.  As long as your location is feasible, we will begin kicking @$$ and taking names (a.k.a. accepting orders and making your building WICKED)!