Digital marketing agency improves online performance by switching to fiber

In today’s business world, connectivity is king. From interacting with clients and customers, to allowing real time inter-office collaboration— network speed, reliability, and cost have a direct impact on productivity and profits.

The Client

Getfused. A full-service digital marketing agency that uses an iterative, usercentric approach to providing services across digital marketing, user-centered design, and development.


The Situation

As a digital agency, ample bandwidth and dedicated connectivity is essential for nearly every aspect of everyday operations at Getfused—from email, chat, and SFTP to video conferencing, screensharing, and remote collaboration.

Through their cable-based internet service, telephone calls were consistently interrupted and disconnected, video conferencing was choppy, and the uploading and downloading of assets and other large files was often delayed. Employees were even asked to stop streaming music and videos in the office in an attempt to free up bandwidth.


The Challenge

Faced with increasing network performance issues and rising costs, Getfused was looking for new options for business internet. Their goal was to control costs where possible, while maintaining and enhancing connections with clients and improving collaboration between their multiple offices and external partners.

They also wanted a system in place that would scale to fit their future data needs and allow their current employees to take full advantage of the music and video streaming services they needed to keep their creative juices flowing.


The Solution

After conducting an audit of Getfused’s needs, Wicked Bandwidth delivered an action plan that would not only streamline costs, but would also allow the agency to handle the raw video files, high res photography, and other digital assets they needed, when they needed them. The Wicked plan also allowed for improved voice, data, and video—meaning client communication and creative collaboration could continue uninterrupted.


The Results

Once implemented, Wicked’s Internet service offered them fully dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth capable of powering current operations, while also providing flexibility and scalability for future growth. Since making the switch to fiber, Getfused has seen a measurable improvement in overall Internet service performance. Working with large file formats is faster, voice calls stay connected, video conferencing is crisp and clear, remote collaboration is easier, and productivity has improved. Team members can even stream music and videos without worrying about choking off bandwidth—boosting morale along with creative output.