indico Gets Wicked Reliable Internet

The Client

indico is a software development company based in Boston, MA that provides machine learning algorithms and tools for text and image analysis in an easy to use API.


The Situation

In order to provide its customers with these tools, indico had a critical need for fast and reliable bandwidth that wouldn’t stall with heavy use. When working with and building machine learning modules, data usage becomes very high, very fast. indico needed to build and serve their models to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prior to switching to Wicked Bandwidth’s fiber-based services, indico was using a cable modem-based internet connection that proved to be inconsistent and unreliable.


The Challenge

Other providers in the area were either unreliable or too expensive for the amount of bandwidth that indico required. Considering indico was still in a start-up phase, they needed a reliable solution that was also affordable.


The Solution

Wicked Bandwidth constructed a new fiber lateral into indico’s building, which allowed tenants in the building to access Wicked’s next generation IP network. indico was able to receive consistent, reliable bandwidth that fit their budget. Throughout the construction process, the implementation team at Wicked provided regular updates and worked to compress the deliver timeline as much as possible.


The Results

Once the network was delivered to the building, the cut over to the new services went seamlessly. indico is now able to provide its customers uninterrupted, high-speed access to its API while reducing its own business costs. indico has repeatedly mentioned how refreshing it is to work with a provider that takes its customer’s requirements seriously, and makes the customer’s needs a priority. As indico’s COO Diana Yuan has put it, “The service team has been incredible at filling me in every step of the way”.