What is Wicked Bandwidth?

You won’t find us everywhere, and that’s by design. Our building-centric approach enables us to bring you the fastest service and the most competitive pricing. We’re also not trying to be all things to all people. We do one thing, and we do it well. Our focus allows us to lead the pack, be flexible when you need it, and solve your bandwidth crunch with no hassles.

Just why is Wicked Bandwidth so fast? We offer a much simpler, more direct solution using fiber that is dedicated and symmetrical. Unlike other options, there are far fewer “stops” along our paths — your network goes directly from your building to one of the largest telecom carrier hotels in the Northeast. What’s more, we maintain more than sufficient bandwidth to support our customers and don’t subject you to oversubscribed service. The result? Wicked fast and reliable Internet connections to power your growing business. See the difference for yourself today.


As businesses increasingly leverage the Internet for everything from email to phone lines to their other cloud services, reliable bandwidth and consistent access is key. Fiber is no longer a “nice to have” for many companies — it’s essential for any business that has applications requiring real-time traffic (e.g. VOIP, video conferencing, heavy file transfer, Citrix, etc.). Fiber-based Internet from Wicked Bandwidth allows for unlimited bandwidth with no hidden caps and gives businesses an important option for either primary or back-up connectivity.

Just what does Wicked Bandwidth offer?

  • Fiber-based symmetrical Internet service
  • Fully private, dedicated bandwidth
  • Speeds for all types of businesses ranging from 10Mbps-1 Gbps
  • Flexible terms and affordable rates
  • Friendly and accommodating customer service
  • Simple product set – we do one thing and do it well

Join the Wicked Bandwidth revolution. You can get faster, more reliable and more affordable bandwidth from the ISP that actually cares. Our focus allows us to be flexible, make quicker decisions, and fix problems easily. Let us prove it.

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