Meet the Team – Carl

Meet Wicked’s newest team member, Carl Yard!  Carl joined Wicked Bandwidth in March as Lead Network Technician.  In his role, he is responsible for constructing and troubleshooting wireless and fiber networks, splicing LC and SC fiber connectors, and installing switches with SPF and Ethernet connections.

Carl brings his most recent experience of working on wireless development at Webpass/Google Fiber to Wicked Bandwidth’s current venture:  building out its fixed point wireless product throughout the city of Boston.  Built off of the same fiber backbone as its traditional enterprise-grade Internet offering, Wicked’s wireless solution provides the the same blazing fast speeds and reliable connection customers have come to know and love.

We recently sat down with Carl to ask him a few questions:

Sarah:  Carl, how long have you been building out fiber networks?

Carl:  About 18 years.  12 of those years were spent with Comcast, then I went on to Sertex, and then Webpass, which was recently acquired by Google Fiber.

Sarah:  How did you decide to start working in this particular field?

Carl:  I’ve always been interested in how technology works.  I was working for a company called DST before I started with Comcast — they did electronic billing for the stock market.  Our platform electronically generated checks that would be sent out to stock market investors.  After 10 years, I was looking for something else.  I applied for a job at Comcast, which further led me down the road of technology.  I started as an equipment auditor and when they eventually closed the auditing department, I took an open position as a field technician.

Sarah:  Have there been any particularly fun projects you’ve worked on in the past?

Carl:  I got to work on a lot of university projects.  It was fun because we’d put in around 500 modems at a time, and there were 20 of us technicians all working together as a team, going from dorm to dorm.  The not so fun part of those particular projects, however, was going back a few months later to drain the alcohol from the modems that the students had drunkenly poured on them to watch them spark!

Sarah:  What made you interested in joining the team at Wicked?

Carl:  The one thing that made me decide to go with Wicked is that it is a start-up competing against the large telcos — we’re sort of the underdog so to speak.  I also knew Wicked’s product was far superior to those offered by competitors.  All fiber connections are superior to a cable modem product in that they have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.  There were always issues with Comcast’s uptime — we were constantly going back to customers and resolving technical issues for them.  Honestly, the infrastructure was too old to support modern day technology needs.  Another thing that drew me to Wicked is that it’s so much more personable.  I worked at Comcast for a decade and my own manager couldn’t remember my name…too many people, too much to keep track of.

Sarah:  Are there any projects that you’re particularly looking forward to that are coming down the pipeline at Wicked?

Carl:  I’m really looking forward to bringing on new customers, finding new buildings that are a good fit for our network offering, and getting our product out there.  I’m really interested in showing people the advantages of having fiber for your Internet service in lieu of other services.

Sarah:  Do you anticipate that there will be any challenges?

Carl:  I wouldn’t say challenges, I would say fun opportunities.  Bring it on!

Sarah:  Lastly, in keeping with the theme of wicked local, what are some of your favorite things about Boston or to do in Boston?

Carl:  Well I’m originally from Barbados and the biggest sport in the Caribbean is cricket, so I follow the local cricket scene and used to play at the semi-pro level with the Boston league.

Thanks, Carl!

Carl hard at work lighting 334 Boylston Street in Boston