Meet the Team – Chase

Get to know one of Wicked’s two new members of the sales team, Chase Malefatto!  Chase joined Wicked in October as an Account Executive.  In his role, he is responsible for bringing on new customers, renewing existing customer contracts and helping to serve as an additional layer of account support for installation and service.

We recently sat down with Chase to ask him a few questions:



Chase, describe your role at Wicked.

My job is to reach out to our existing client base, as well as prospects within our existing lit buildings, and try to offer great service to them at affordable rates.  I also look for new business opportunities, such as helping to uncover buildings we should build our network into.

Tell me about some of your previous work experience.

I worked for Apple for four years as a team lead and did sales there.  I have a pretty extensive tech background, with lots of experience in trouble shooting.  In my job before this, I was an account executive for a logistics company, so a lot of the same thing in terms of doing sales.  Fun fact – prior to starting at Wicked, I ran my family’s farm out in Oregon for a number of months.

What were some of the things that made you excited to join the team here?

The technology is really cool; there’s a lot to learn.  Steve [McCarthy] creates an environment where it seems like he genuinely cares about his people and developing them.  It’s nice working for a smaller company because we’re able to be very nimble.  We can do a lot of things that a bigger company just can’t do.

What do you see as some of the biggest obstacles for Wicked?

I think just developing our name as a well-known and trusted brand.  We’re new, we’re small and we need to continue getting our name out there and expanding our list of customers.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Quincy.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I sing and play guitar.  I also enjoy spending time with my dog.  I have a big lab/boxer mix – I got him in Oregon to scare the coyotes off the farm.

What are some of your favorite things about Boston or to do in Boston?

I’m a big foodie; there are a couple restaurants around Newbury Street that I love to have a great meal at with friends.