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Wicked Bandwidth is a Boston-based Internet Service Provider offering fiber-based commercial Internet.  Ideal for small and mid-sized companies, Wicked Bandwidth is dedicated to providing under-served buildings in Boston with better bandwidth options and ridiculously competitive rates.

Founded in 2014, Wicked is a homegrown start-up made up of a small, agile team.  Because of this, we’re able to offer flexible options and friendly and accommodating customer service.

Fiber optics refers to the technology that utilizes light to transmit data across strands of glass (optical fiber), opposed to being sent as electrical pulses through conductive metal such as copper wires.

Among other benefits, optical fiber technology allows users to send and receive significantly more data at faster speeds than conventional copper.  What’s more, fiber is less prone to interference because the data being transmitted is sent in the form of light, rather than electricity.  Learn more about fiber.

We offer a variety of speeds to fit your needs and budget:

Performance OfficeBusinessBusiness Premium
100 Mbps500 Mbps1000 Mbps
Web browsing /
file sharing
E-commerce /
hosted services
Multiple cloud solutions
Heavy email with attachmentsFrequent online backup / file sharingHeavy burst activity (email, video streaming, etc.)
Some video and streamingVideo / web conferencingHeavy usage offsite
Volume transaction processingVoIPData center connection
Dedicated & symmetrical up/downDedicated & symmetrical up/downDedicated & symmetrical up/down

We don’t conform to the idea of ‘one size fits all’ Internet.  We understand that some large companies may have small requirements, while some small businesses may be running bandwidth-intensive applications.  Our team is able to help consult you on the package that is right for your requirements and your wallet.

A number of factors go into Wicked’s quoting process, beyond bandwidth requirements.  Contact us to get more information about availability and pricing in your building.

For those customers satisfied with their primary internet service provider or currently stuck under contract, they can utilize Wicked as a secondary connection for improved network resiliency.  For those customers who are dissatisfied with their current provider and are looking to switch entirely, give us a call at 844-GET-WICKED to discuss your options.

Wicked’s Voodoo product combines Wicked Bandwidth’s fiber-based network with the diversity of fixed-point wireless to provide 100% uptime guaranteed.

Wicked handles the hassle of managing a dual path Internet connection for you.  In the event of a network outage, our automatic failover technology seamlessly routes traffic across the Wicked network without any customer intervention, special programming or customer premise equipment.  The result is a fully redundant, fault tolerant Internet service.

For more information about our uptime guarantee, download our Service Level Agreement.

If Wicked is already on-net in your building, we can turn up service in as little as a few days.

Construction timeframes are dependent on a variety of factors, including how near your building is to our existing fiber footprint, time of year and customer demand.  In the event that construction is required to bring service to your building, we work closely with our customers, vendors and building management to establish realistic installation plans.

Absolutely, we can supply customer references upon request.