Simple Bandwidth Has Arrived

How does Wicked Bandwidth do it?

Simple network.

Network designed from the ground up to deliver blazing fast Internet.


What goes into a simple network? Fewer parts, which means fewer things to break. Unlike cable companies who retrofit existing networks to deliver a whole line-up of services, Wicked Bandwidth’s network is purpose built to do one thing well; deliver blazing fast Internet to commercial enterprises. From the get-go, Wicked deployed a fiber backbone with the latest generation optical gear designed to move massive amounts of data at lightning fast speeds.


Simple pricing.

Two price levels. Zero gimmicks. Select monthly packages of 100 meg for or 1 GB.


We’ve flattened our pricing structure to give customers two, straightforward options without all of the fluff or confusion. At Wicked we believe customers should actually be able to understand what they’re paying for. What’s more, our pricing removes that feeling that you’re paying for extraneous services you don’t actually need.


Simple billing.

Consistent monthly billing. No hidden fees or surprises.


We get it. Nobody likes bills. But what makes bills even worse? When you don’t understand what you’re being charged for, or the bill is for a different amount than what you expected. Along with simple pricing, Wicked Bandwidth customers can count on simple, straightforward billing.


Simple contracts.

No confusing language, just straightforward contracts.


A simple service offering should lend itself to short and sweet contracts. At Wicked, we’ve done just that. Rather than forcing lengthy, confusing contracts on our customers, we kept our service agreements straight forward. Our job is to keep our customers happy.  If you’re happy you’ll stay with us. If you  are unhappy with our level service, just let us know and we’ll work to make it right.



 What does Wicked Bandwidth do

Simple service-level-agreement.

Fast and reliable Internet with 99.99% up-time. Guaranteed.


At its core, Wicked Bandwidth’s network is designed to achieve exceptional performance. Our SLA is outlined to align exceptional performance with exceptionally reliable service. You can cut to the chase and read the whole agreement here, but a quick recap: Wicked Bandwidth provides blazing fast and incredibly reliable Internet with 99.99% up-time. Guaranteed.


Simple customer service.

Quality customer service staffed by local humans.


Fear not, friendly and accommodating customer service DOES still exist! At Wicked we welcome simple and straightforward interaction directly with our team members. No lengthy hold times, automated phone robots, or passing customers along from department to department for an answer. From billing to service-related questions, our team is here for you. What’s more, because we own 100% of the network we ride on, we can resolve any issues that arise immediately without the involvement of a third party.