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The team at Wicked Bandwidth has been in telecom and the Internet since before there was an Internet. We’ve seen all the fads and gimmicks. We’ve seen bad telecom services and even worse customer service. We knew we could build a better mousetrap so we put our money where our mouth was and founded Wicked Bandwidth. We started this business to fight for the smaller fish and ensure that the thriving entrepreneurial spirit didn’t choke on limited bandwidth.

Our office is located in the Boston area, so feel free to stop by and meet us in person. Or, we might just come by your building soon to see if Wicked Bandwidth could help your company get better Internet. Ask your building manager if they offer Wicked Bandwidth or talk with us today about your telecom needs. We have live humans answering our phones, and we respond to your email and online requests the same day. Bet you aren’t used to customer service like that!


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