Did you know that Wicked is lit in 374 Congress? Because our fiber footprint is already in the building, we are able to provide additional tenants in 374 Congress with our lightning fast, fiber-based connection in just five business days! We are proud to be servicing this location in the Seaport, and we’d love to introduce you to some of our very happy customers in the building.

Digital Lumens is a company that provides smart building solutions to commercial and industrial spaces, and strives to bring the benefits of IoT to building design. Their cloud-based platform SiteWorx allows businesses to take advantage of “smart” lighting and make buildings more efficient, and bring all the control to one easy to access place. Obviously, perfecting these IoT business lighting solutions takes a lot of development power, and we are happy to be the company to provide them with the bandwidth they need to keep innovating the industry!KOR Group is here to build your business brand. With a team that is driven by creativity and commitment to the most important parts of their clients’ businesses, they are on a mission to create individual plans that yield results. Their work right now is mostly geared towards colleges and universities, and they’ve worked with names like Bucknell University to Holy Cross to Merrimack College. The personal, meticulous connections they are trying to make with their clients takes time and research, but everyone has to meet deadlines. We are thrilled to be KOR’s chosen Internet provider to help them balance thorough client research with individualized planning, on a timeline that can make everyone happy.

Is your building Wicked? Are you a Wicked happy customer like Digital Lumens or KOR Group? Contact us to let us know; we would love to feature you! And keep an eye out for our emails for special promotions for your building.